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Video conferencing

Video conferencing software enables people to hold meetings virtually and are the alternative for all circumstances if you cannot meet face to face. Due to the current situation with rising infections of the corona virus the GWDG broadens its offers regarding video conferencing to facilitate mobile working for all employees at the Göttingen Campus. Some of these services are already established (DFNConf) others in a testing and or implementation stage and not performing completely without performance loss.

What these services offer to you

  • Meeting with colleagues and project partners from a distance in a virtual room
  • Take part in meetings via browser based access or via telephone
  • Distribution of roles e. g. “organizer” or “participant”

Your advantages

  • Web-conferencing on demand
  • Looking at a shared screen content in real time
  • Distribution of roles e. g. “organizer” or “participant”

You can use GWDG services in this way

  • Install the recommended client(s), if needed
  • Register yourself at the respective tool, if you need to be an organizer
  • Take care of data security and privacy if the service is hosted outside Germany

Further information and support

pages @ GWDG

These video conferencing services are (will be) available (soon) at the Göttingen Campus

Please check these pages regularly -> they will be updated frequently or ask the GWDG-Support!

In addition, the university’s e-learning service has also published an explanatory overview of video conferencing tools, explaining which tool is suitable for which applications and what features they offer. Click here for the page of the e-learning service (in German).

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