Featured: GWDG Online Surveys

The service GWDG Online-Survey offers to create and conduct surveys as well as analyzing the answers in a web interface. The service is based on the software LimeSurvey.

What this service offers to you

  • Creating surveys with a web interface
  • Created surveys can be tested in advance
  • Pre-designed survey templates can be used so you can concentrate on the questions
  • Survey templates can be edited with basic HTML and CSS skills

Your advantages

  • Creation of online surveys with LimeSurvey with an easy to use web interface
  • No special (programming) skills required
  • No additional installation of software necessary; a web browser is all you need
  • Execution and evaluation of surveys done with LimeSurvey – Trustworthy data storage at GWDG
  • Export of the structure of a survey and the collected data from LimeSurvey

You can use the service in this way

  • The service is available to all members of the Max Planck Society and the University of Göttingen
  • Setting up an account for LimeSurvey is carried out at request
  • You need a standard web browser and a connection to the internet

Further information and support

pages @ GWDG

pages @ Limesurvey

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