Featured: GWDG Pad

GWDG Pad is a web based collaborative real time editor hosted at GWDG which is based on the open software CodiMD.

What this service offers to you

  • You can create notes
  • You can work collaboratively on notes in real time
  • You can work in one document being in different places
  • You can steer the access to the notes
  • After login in you get an overview over all your notes

Your advantages

  • You can log in via the GWDGs single sign on infrastructure
  • You can steer the access to every single note you create
  • The service uses markdown and offers many features, such as
    • using mathematical formulas with LaTex, writing music notes
    • syntax highlighting of code
    • using UML diagrams
    • embedding external resources like videos, photos, or pdf-files
    • presentation mode

You can use the service in this way

  • You need a valid GWDG-account
  • You have to use a valid email address with your password for logging in
  • Users without an account can register one at GWDG registration
  • You need a standard web browser and a connection to the internet

Further information and support

pages @ GWDG

pages @ CodiMd

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