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High Performance Computing

The service offers you a comprehensive range of high performance computing (HPC) resources, i.e., servers with high processing power, large memory or disk space, or a powerful high speed interconnect for parallel applications, along with the corresponding consulting services.

What this service offers to you

  • parallel data- and compute-intensive applications
  • run numerical simulations
  • run big data analysis
  • run e.g. bioinformatic applications
  • variety of software modules available

Your advantages

  • run your complex model computations
  • run your extensive data analysis for your research
  • process your department-owned resources
  • use not standardized servers if you have software with special server requirements
  • consulting services on the use of HPC via the GWDG’s HPC-Team

Further information and support

The service is hosted at GWDG and usable with a valid account connected to member institutions of the University of Göttingen and the Max-Planck Society. Usage of the service is accounted in a fictious currency, so called Work Units (“Arbeitseinheiten”, AE). For the current pricing, see the Dienstleistungskatalog.

pages of the service

HPC-Support @ GWDG
Chat @ HPC

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