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URL Shortener

Those who often forward information, such as references to Internet services, web pages or files, can use the URL Shortener service to shorten long URLs and keep a better overview in documentation and e-mails.

What this service offers to you

  • shorten long URLs

Your advantages

  • Easy acces
  • Increased security by logging in with your GWDG account
  • Increased transparency when using a forwarding service
  • Optional: Display of an intermediate page before forwarding to the target URL
  • Validity of the generated short URL is at least two years
    Attention: The service is not intended to reference research data or publications!

    For this purpose, please use the “Persistent Identifier” service!

Further information and support

The service is hosted by the GWDG and can be used with a valid GWDG account.

pages of the service

URL Shortener @ GWDG


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