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Read about how researchers from the Göttingen Campus experienced support from the Göttingen eResearch Alliance in the areas of training, consultation or services.


Prof. Dr. Annette Zgoll

“During our FOR project, the eResearch Alliance proved a reliable and essential partner for all aspects of research data management, particularly when it came to getting our data platform up and running.”

Prof. Dr. Annette Zgoll (FOR STRATA)1



Thomas Danz

“I was looking for a quick solution for citing our research data in a Science article. and the support from the eResearch Alliance were just what I needed.”


Thomas Danz2


Dr. Bianca Wagner

“As a scientist and data manager in a large EU project, I found the eResearch Alliance to be my first contact point on Campus for any issues concerning research data management.”

Dr. Bianca Wagner (MEET project)3



Image credits

1 Photo: Tobias Brabanski
2 Photo: John Gaida
3 Photo: private

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