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Rocket.Chat is a web based persistent messaging service hosted at GWDG. It is a simple and intuitive platform which focuses on group communication.

What this service offers to you

  • You can chat with your project team, your working group or any other group of colleagues you want to quickly communicate with in specific communication channels
  • You can exchange files, e.g. data files, pictures or videos
  • You can chat with one person directly if needed
  • You can search for people using Rocket.Chat via the search function
  • You can integrate other services like GitLab via bot or API
  • You can import data from services (e.g. Slack) into Rocket.Chat

Your advantages

  • You have the sovereignty over your communication
  • Your data is encrypted, as is the service
  • You decide if your channel is publicly or privately visible
  • Your uploaded files are automatically scanned for viruses by Sophos
  • You can own numerous channels for different groups or group constellations
  • You can add external project colleagues to your channels

You can use the service in this way

  • You need a valid GWDG-account
  • You have to use a valid email address with your password for logging in
  • Users without an account can register one at GWDG registration
  • You can use the web interface via any current web browser or install a client or app. Clients are available for Windows, macOS and Linux, Apps for iOS and Android.

Further information and support

pages @ GWDG

pages @ Rocket.Chat

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