Featured: Jupyter

The service is web-based platform for data analysis and offers interactive working with Python, Julia, or R. Jupyter-Hub is the portal the users log in to and start and manage their notebooks or associated files. The GWDG offers Jupyter as a beta service for users of Python, Julia or R.

What this service offers to you

  • Writing, executing and editing of source code directly in the browser
  • By a kernel determined notebooks for either Python, Julia or R

Your advantages

  • Easy web-based environment
  • Kernel available in Python, Julia, and R
  • LaTeX and Markdown support
  • Export to PDF, HTML, and Markdown

You can use the service in this way

  • The service is available for every user with a valid GWDG account
  • You need a and a recent browser version and a running connection to the internet

Further information and support

pages @ GWDG

ask the GWDG-Support

Pages @ Jupyter


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