Featured: GitLab

GitLab is an open source platform that enables collaborative source code management in combination with project planning and issue management as well as security scanning, continuous integration and continuous delivery, bug tracking and wiki functionalities. With GitLab you can easily manage Git repositories.

What this service offers to you

  • Web-based source code management with a wide range of functionality and plugins to support the development lifecycle
  • Version control
  • Keeping track of issues/tasks in a project by organizing them with milestones, labels and boards
  • Importing data from/connecting data with other platforms is possible

Your advantages

  • Supports the “Merge Request Workflow”
  • Connection to the central GWDG user management
  • Central monitoring, reliability and backup through the GWDG

Further information and support

  • GitLab is available via the Academic Cloud
  • Users can create up to 50 GitLab projects. If you need a higher number of projects please contact support@gwdg.de

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