Featured: DARIAH-DE Repository

The DARIAH-DE repository is a digital long-term archive for human and cultural scientific research data. It allows to store research data sustainably and securely, provide them with metadata and the data uploaded in the repository automatically receive a DOI.

What this service offers to you

  • Long-term archive for research data
  • Persistent Identifiers (DOIs)
  • Possibility to organise data in collections
  • Possibility to provide metadata to data

Your advantages

  • Non-disciplinary (however, the data should be from the field of humanities or social sciences)
  • User-oriented access
    • accessible for individual researchers as well as research projects
  • Easy and intuitive data import
  • The DOI makes research data referencabel and citable in the long term
  • The entry point for importing collections and data is the Publikator
  • Collections can be browsed using the Generic Search

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