Publication Management

GRO.publications is a Göttingen Campus service that facilitates modern publication data management. It allows researchers to administer their publication data conveniently and to benefit from various functions such as import of publication data from authoritative sources, display in discipline-specific citation styles, filter options, highlighting of important publications, link and matching with ORCID, tracking of citations and to their publications and alternative usage metrics and automated publication data feeds into personal websites, plus export options to different formats (e. g. BibTex, Refman, EndNote or RefWorks).

Publications are the main selling point of a researcher’s profile, and their presentation on web pages, social media or in grant proposals requires efficient and ongoing management. As publication data are public already, researchers should not have to register them on various platforms in different formats again.

Technical Information

GRO.publications is based on the open source software DSpace and its extension package CRIS (DSpace-CRIS). The adaptations made for the integration into Göttingen Research Online include, next to layout and design, the functionalities for display, export of different citation styles and embedding into web pages.

Usage and Support

Researchers can log in with their GWDG account or with free registration in GRO.publications. Please contact the GRO.publications team at for any questions or for support to assist in entering individual publication data.

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