Identifier Service

GRO.Identifiers is a service for assigning PIDs (Persistent Identifiers) to research data and publications that is not solely limited to the Göttingen Campus.

Make research data or publications sustainably and persistently referencable, findable regardless of the storage location and provide metadata for the resources. For this purpose, the service GRO.identifiers was set up. As the SUB is a DataCite and Crossref member, the service not only offers extensive consultation for the assignment of identifiers (PIDs), but also offers the registration of DOIs via both of the established registration agencies.

Who can use it?

GRO.Identifiers addresses – in different dimensions – researchers and institutions both at the Göttingen Campus and nationwide.

At Göttingen Campus

For researchers and institutions based at the Göttingen Campus, in addition to broad advice (through helpdesk or consultation hours), we provide the option of generating DOIs via existing repositories or getting an own prefix with access to DataCite or Crossref.
Contact the Helpdesk at to get more information about possibilities and offers.

The possibilities include:

For external institutions and scientists

Our PID service also addresses external researchers and institutions to a certain extend.
The SUB is a DataCite member and acts as a DOI provider for research data in arts and humanities on a national level. External academic institutions can get an account and an own prefix at DataCite to register DOIs through our service. In addition, some of the repositories provide access to DOIs for externals.
For more information and consultation, please contact the helpdesk:

Opportunities for externals:

  • DOIs at DataCite via the eResearchAlliance – for research data in the arts and humanities
  • DARIAH-DE Repository  – for data and publications from the arts and humanities,
  • The Stacks – for Anglophone Literature and Cultures
  • GEO-LEO e-docs – for OA publications in the geosciences

Technical Information

The possibility of registering DOIs depends on several factors. Among others:

  • what kind of data you want to register
  • for which discipline you want to register data
  • how the data will be stored
  • how many identifiers you need per year

Usage and Support

Depending on the preconditions, the DOIs will be assigned by the datacenter or by the service at one of the registration agencies or a repository. Accounts are created by the service.
If required, we offer trainings or personal consultations on the registration process (or on other topics). Please feel free to contact us for this or if you have any questions or problems:

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