Large Instruments Portal

Across the Göttingen Campus, many research instruments exist and many are added or replaced each year. A lot of them are not known to many researchers, or access conditions and contact information are not clear.

GRO.instruments enables researchers to discover and share research instruments and related resources across labs, institutes, and other organisations at the Göttingen Campus. Whether you have to manage a large research instrument or many instruments, or if you want to browse available resources at the Göttingen Campus: GRO.Instruments helps keeping the overview, scheduling research tasks and using available resources.

Schedule resources for your research needs

GRO.instruments provides an overview of already existing research instruments and all necessary information for their use. Researchers, research groups or institutes can use the platform to schedule the use of resources, if these have been set up for scheduling. GRO.instruments offers all relevant information on availability and use of resources:

  • resources within or across organisations that are available for use
  • information on the providing institute, research group or project and contact person(s), location and availability of the resource
  • technical and administrative conditions for use and booking, if available
  • restrictions concerning utilisation by date, time, user, etc.

Extensive knowledge about existing resources at the Göttingen Campus will also prove to be useful for researchers when applying for funding for additional equipment.

Technical Information

GRO.instruments is based on the software openIRIS (  and was adapted to fit the needs of researchers of the Göttingen Campus. It is integrated in the local service portfolio and can be accessed via . The service is hosted by the GWDG which ensures the availability and reliability of the service as well as data security and safety.

Usage and Support

For any questions or support related issues please contact us.

GRO.instruments is accessible for all members of the Göttingen Campus via their academic university accounts and related email-addresses including the Max-Planck-Institutes and GWDG.


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