How-To: Getting an Identifier

To assign a persistent identifier (PID) to a digital resource, it is necessary to approach a PID registration agency that controls the distribution and ensures the resolution of PIDs. In the following we describe the procedure at the Göttingen Campus. If you need more information on PIDs in general, please take a look at our page Explain! Identifier.

For members of the Göttingen Campus

The eResearch Alliance, the GWDG and the SUB offer various services to store publications and data, and receive a DOI or PID for them.
The GWDG hosts a service that offers to create Handle-PIDs to digital objects. The service is part of ePIC, an international collaboration to build a trustworthy high-availability service. If you need ePIC PIDs from GWDG in a project context, please write an email to
The SUB Göttingen is a DataCite member and acts in Germany as DOI provider with the focus on the Humanities based on the library’s experiences gathered in historic and current roles for managing Humanities knowledge resources.

Please take a look at the following list to decide which service is appropriate for your content:

For external scientists/institutions

The SUB Göttingen is a DataCite member and acts as DOI provider for the arts and humanities in Germany. As such, it provides DOI prefixes to scientific institutions and enables and supports them in registering their own DOIs for their publications, research data or other scientifically relevant digital objects. The service is offered through the Göttingen eResearch Alliance and is provided for free to academic institutions.

In order for you as a researcher to use this service, either your institute or your organization’s library or data center needs to sign a contract with the SUB Göttingen, in which the responsibilities and conditions for assuring persistence and accessibility as well as metadata quality of the referenced object are defined. For further information, you can take look at our template contract (also available in German ). In addition, you need to define a contact person from your institute for the DOI registration process.

If you are from a non-academic (commercial) institution, we are unfortunately at the moment unable to offer a DOI service.

For further information on how to register DOIs by yourself, please contact us.


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