How-To: Data Management Planning

Data Management Plans are demanded by an increasing number of funding agencies, but also by research institutions themselves, to be delivered either directly upon handing in a funding proposal, or to be created or updated over the course of a research project.

At the Göttingen Campus, you can find support for creating a Data Management Plan at the eResearch Alliance. We can consult you on specific requirements or assist you with filling in a template from your funding agency. We also provide a template and below a list of different tools and resources to either directly create a DMP, or to learn more about the purpose, structure and content of a DMP.

The eResearch Alliance has evaluated and adapted a tool to assist researchers in developing, updating and partially reusing DMPs for different funders’ requirements: GRO.plan is based on the Tool RDMO and reachable via the Portal Göttingen Research Online.

Resources on DMPs

German resources

International resources

Resources for the evaluation of DMPs


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