How-To: Store, Share and Publish Research Data

Storing research data according to the FAIR data principles fosters the transparency as well as the efficiency of research in general. Well-described data can be found by searching in discipline-specific or general purpose repositories, accessed and reused according to the attached licenses, and cited through using persistent identifiers.

Below, we have listed available services at the Göttingen Campus any beyond to assist you in finding a safe and useful place for storing and publishing your data, or for simply sharing it with your colleagues.

Store & Share @ Göttingen Campus

Repositories @ Göttingen Campus

There are numerous discipline-specific repositories and databases which provide archiving of research data. Most of them can be found at

Persistent Identification Services @ Göttingen Campus

  • DOIs: The SUB Göttingen as a DataCite member acts as DOI provider for the Humanities in Germany. Learn how to obtain a DOI for your research data here.
  • ePIC PIDs: The GWDG hosts a service that offers to create a persistent identifier (PID) to a digital object. The service is part of ePIC, an international collaboration to build a trustworthy high-availability service. ePIC was founded in 2009 by a consortium of European partners in order to provide PID services for the European Research Community, based on the Handle system, for the allocation and resolution of persistent identifiers.
  • When publishing data in the DARIAH-DE Repository:, they are assigned both ePICs and DOIs.

Please read our Explain! page on Identifiers to learn more about this topic, or contact us for further information!

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