23.03.2015, 1st Göttingen Lecture on Academic Information Structures by Christine L. Borgman (University of California)

Lecture „Big data, little data, open data“ by Prof. Dr. Christine L. Borgman, University of California, Los Angeles (USA), Department of Information Studies Göttingen, as part of Göttingen Lectures on Academic Information Futures

The modern academic landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Against the backdrop of digital progress and an increasingly networked scientific community, the volume of data generated by scientific and scholarly work is growing, as is demand for access to these data. The need to manage, access, and sustain large amounts of complex and heterogeneous data from all scientific disciplines requires new competencies for scholars, libraries, archives, and the academic enterprise. In her lecture, Professor Borgman addresses the diverse challenges associated with these activities, along with the role of libraries in this transformation.

Date: 23rd March 2015

Venue: Paulinerkirche, Papendiek 14 (1st Floor)

Time: 18:00 h


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