Data and Information Security

  • How can I as researcher at the Göttingen Campus store my data securely?
  • What do I need to ensure GDPR compliance of my research data?
  • How can I conduct an online survey and ensure data security?

On this page you find links to more information from campus institutions and partners regarding Data and Information security topics, as well as contacts from responsible persons. You might also find answers in the slides (in German) from our regular Info event on „Legal Aspects in Data Management“.

If you are looking for specific advice or a contact from your institute or discipline, we can assist you in finding the responsible person. If you have information which you think should be linked on this page, please also get in touch with us.

Webpages on Data and Information Security

Göttingen University

University Medical Center

Max-Planck-Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences

Responsible persons at the Göttingen Campus

Göttingen University

University Medical Center


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