GWDG course programme gets GWDG Academy

The GWDG is changing its course programme. It will become the GWDG Academy.  Well known courses will be complemented in the next month by new formats, like online courses, tutorials or (eResearch) Labs. There will be more, new topics like data analysis and data management, IT- and data security or scientific computing.  Besides the courses will take place in different places on campus. The GWDG academy addresses a broader range of people (e. g. students) at the campus than the former course programme. Check out the GWDG Academy for more information and sign up for courses to improve your personal (eResearch)  IT-skills.

You will find offers of the eResearch Alliance there as well soon.

If you are interested on more information about the current development of the GWDG Academy please read the article in GWDG News 01-02|20: GWDG Academy gestartet.


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