21/07/2020: Hacky Hour on C++ code integration in R

Next Hacky Hour deals with the topic of C++ code integration in R with Rcpp.

Date: July 21, 2020
Time: 6 pm
Place: Online via BigBlueButton
Speaker: Sebastian Hanß

R is one of the most popular programming languages in science, and well
suited for all data and stats centered tasks. In Ecology R is
lingua franca. For reproducible science and re-usability of code in
Ecology, you should ideally share your work in R.

R is fast for most day-to-day statistics-centered scripting tasks, but
it is rather slow for general-purpose programming. Therefore, R
developers use C/C++ or Fortran libraries to speed up computation-heavy
parts of their packages. Writing and linking such libraries was
relatively cumbersome until Rcpp was available.

Rcpp integrates C++ code seamlessly into R. It is both, an R package and
a C++ library. It compiles C++ from within R and “automagically” links
the library to R’s API.

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