08/12/2020: eResearch Lab on TEI

The editing of textual cultural testimonies has always been considered a core craft of text research in the humanities. For three decades now, this craft has been undergoing not only a methodological but also a technical transformation: from the production of scientifically prepared and annotated (new) printed editions, the focus has shifted increasingly to the detailed indexing of the sources in terms of content and semantics.
They are converted into digital machine-readable formats and henceforth referred to as data. As such, they are no longer monolithic, but link up to other digitally indexed sources and are themselves a point of contact for further instances and thus – like their printed predecessors – the starting point for a wide range of research.

The online seminar “TEI” introduces the semantic labeling of texts with the help of one of the best known standards of the international scientific community for the collection of text data: TEI-P5 by the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI). In addition to core concepts of digital text indexing, the basic TEI labeling strategies are presented with regard to both text metadata and text content.
The goal of the webinar is to provide an introduction to this format and to demonstrate key tools and resources.

The event is recorded and the recording is made available afterwards. Each participant automatically accepts the recording.

Date: December 08, 2020
Time: 11.00h – 12.30h
Lecturer: Mathias Göbel & Uwe Sikora
Online Tool: BigBlueButton – eResearch Lab room
Language: Deutsch

Further information on the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) can be found under:  https://tei-c.org

Update: The recording of the event can now be accessed under this link.

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