02-04/12/2019: Introduction on programming with Python

The GWDG offers a course for beginners in programming with Python in December. Here is the course description:

Python is a widespread programming language, which enjoys great popularity especially in the scientific field. The course uses the Jupyter platform (https://jupyter.gwdg.de) provided by the GWDG. This enables the programming and execution of Python scripts in a web browser.

The course is aimed in particular at interested people who have little or no programming experience. The three-day course consists of alternating short lecture parts and longer practical exercises.

The following topics are covered:

  • Variables and data types
  • Containers and grinding
  • Logic and control flow functions
  • Python Standard Library
  • Libraries for scientific computing and plotting (NumPy and Matplotlib)

For applications please use the information on the GWDG website.

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