eRA Roadshow 2023

The eResearch Alliance wants to intensify its dialogue with researchers and students on campus regarding their needs and also make the eRA offers better known on campus. For this purpose, the eResearch Alliance is organising eRA Roadshow events at the faculties of the University of Göttingen and other research institutions of the Göttingen Campus this year.

While we aim for presenting our portfolio in person, the eRA Roadshow can also take place as virtual or hybrid event, depending on the demand. Thematically, we would like to adapt the contents of the respective events to the needs and profile of the respective faculty or institution and its members and therefore would like to discuss content and focus beforehand with faculty representatives. If required, workshops on specific services or topics can be planned directly or as a follow-up.

The eResearch Alliance is happy to be already have been invited to the following faculties/institutions as part of the eRA Roadshow in 2023:

  • MPI for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity (MPI-MMG) – 08.05.2023 at MPI-MMG building (hybrid)
  • Faculty of Law – 06.06.2023 (virtual)
  • Faculty of Physics – 13.06.2023 at 13:00-15:00  in lecture hall 4 of the Faculty of Physics (presence)
  • Faculty of Agricultural Sciences – 15.06.2023 (presence)

Our presentation will cover the services within Göttingen Research Online (GRO), activities of the eRA in the area of consultation and support for research projects and the training portfolio of the eRA for junior researchers. The eRA is curious about your needs in this area and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the services on offer.

If you wish to help us coordinate an eRA Roadshow event for your faculty or institution, please contact us.

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