12/11/2015: 2nd meeting of the eResearch Council of the Göttingen Campus

The second meeting of the eResearch Council of the Göttingen Campus took place on November 12th. Dr. Dierkes gave an overview about the activities of the Göttingen eResearch Alliance during the last five months, especially about the increasing number of consultations, trainings and presentations which shows the need and acceptance for the services offered by the Göttingen eResearch Alliance.

To find out the specific needs of the researchers at the Göttingen Campus, all participants agreed to conduct a mapping of the Campus requirements. This mapping will provide a strong basis for the further development of the Göttingen Campus research infrastructure within the next years. One step is supporting the sharing of research infrastructure resources. Prof. Dr. Caroline Sporleder who holds the Chair for Digital Humanities at Georg-August-University since October 2015 presented the plans for a Humanities Campus Laboratory.

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