Open RDM Seminars: Love Your Data!

Starting in 2020, the eResearch Alliance provides regular online courses on research data management in cooperation with the Department User Services of the SUB Göttingen. These ‘Love Your Data!’ seminars cover the basic ideas and best practices of dealing with research data for students and researchers. They are open to all members of the Göttingen Campus, a registration is not required.

The courses address academics with an interest in research data, but little or no experience in research data management. They can also be informative for people with specific questions regarding the handling of research data.

On this page you can find the dates of the courses and links to the material used.
If you are interested in a tailor-made offer for your faculty or your specific field of research, please contact us directly.

For more information check the SUB website.

Date/Time Language Location Material Comments/
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