The eResearch Council

An important part of our work is building an expert network for the Göttingen Campus. A vital role in this process is taken by the eResearch Council for the Göttingen Campus, a campus-wide network of eResearch specialists and research data spokespersons. This boards consists of about thirty representatives from all faculties of Göttingen University and from the other Göttingen Campus research institutions. The Council members meet with representatives from the eResearch Alliance twice a year to discuss requirements and feedback from researchers as well as strategic and concrete measures taken by the eResearch Alliance.

We are currently looking for representatives for the vacant spots from almost all faculties and institutions. If you are interested in joining the Council, please send us an email.

List of current eResearch Council Members:

Faculty / Institution current member(s)
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences vacant
Faculty of Biology and Psychology vacant
Faculty of Chemistry vacant
Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology Prof. Alexander Knohl, Prof. Winfried Kurth
Faculty of Geoscience and Geography vacant
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science vacant
Faculty of Physics Prof. Jens Niemeyer, Prof. Arnulf Quadt
Faculty of Law vacant
Faculty of Social Sciences vacant
Faculty of Business and Economics Prof. Mathias Schumann
Faculty of Humanities Prof. Heike Behlmer, Prof. Martin Langner
Faculty of Theology: vacant
Medical Center (UMG) Prof. Dagmar Krefting, Prof. Ulrich Sax, Dr. Harald Kusch
University Presidential Board Prof. Valérie Schüller, Prof. Bernd Brümmer, Prof. Anke Holler
University (other) Dr. Dirk Lanwert (E-learning), Dr. Jens Nieschulze (Abt. F&T)
Academy of Sciences Dr. Jörg Wettlaufer
MPI-DS vacant
MPI-MPS Prof. Johannes Wicht
MPI-MMG Prof. Norbert Winnige
MPI-NAT Dr. Mišo Mitkovski
DLR vacant
DPZ Prof. Hansjörg Scherberger
GWDG Prof. Ramin Yahyapour, Prof. Philipp Wieder
SUB Dr. Margo Bargheer, Dr. Katrin Brannemann, Dr. Jan Brase, Mustafa Dogan, Timo Henne, Dr. Frank Klaproth, Dr. Birgit Schmidt

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