CDSTAR-based Research Data Platform

The repository software CDSTAR was developed by the GWDG and has already been used as a basis for several project-specific data platforms in research projects. Some examples can be accessed by clicking the respective project logos below.

CDStar is package-oriented data-management framework for scientific and other data-driven applications. It enables the development of powerful tools and workflows against a simple and stable REST interfaces that hides away the details and complexities of the actual storage back-end in use.

CDSTAR is designed as a “headless” repository, providing functionality to other command-line, desktop- or web-applications via stable and flexible APIs. It was developed and is maintained by the GWDG, which also provides a demo instance.

Features of CDSTAR-based platforms:

  • Scalable storage: There is no artificial limit on file size or number of packages. CDSTAR scales effortlessly to millions of packages and huge amounts of data.
  • Fine grained access control: Permissions can be defined per package, or globally for all packages of a vault via LDAP or other pluggable identity providers.
  • Strong Consistency: Execute complex workflows with high confidence thanks to fully isolated ACID transactions, revision history and audit logs. All operations are atomic and synchronized with the backing storage by default.
  • Search: CDSTAR integrates with elasticsearch to allow near real-time search, both full-text and for specific meta-data attributes. Other targets (e.g. databases or caches) or custom background tasks can be integrated via message-passing protocols.
  • Long term archiving: CDSTAR integrates with Koala and other long term storage systems to archive or recover individual packages based on automated policy rules or user request.

Further information and support

The CDSTAR software is Apache 2.0 licensed and can be used free of charge. In addition, GWDG offers professional support and hosting for its customers.

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