10/05/2022 eResearch Lab on GRO.data

Hereby the Göttingen eResearch Alliance announces the eResearch Lab event: Working with GRO.data – the research data repository for the Göttingen Campus.

Date: 10 MAY 2022
Time: 10:00h – 11:30h
Tool: BigBlueButton – https://meet.gwdg.de/b/pet-dq7-3jd
Lecturer: Péter Király
Language: English


  • Data upload
  • Metadata scheme
  • Changing data in the repository
  • Publishing data
  • Q & A


GRO.data is a research data repository available free of charge for the members of Göttingen Campus. Its purpose is to enable publication of research data alongside with their description (metadata). The data gets a persistent identifier (DOI), and its metadata are propagated to the central DOI database, which is used by different discovery services. GRO.data provides versioning, data citation, file previews, assignment of licenses, restricting files (and granting access). It also provides place for organizations (departments, research groups, journals) to manage member participations via customisable roles and responsibilities. Almost all the functionalities of the service are available via APIs, so one can easily build an automated communication channel between a research software (such as document management systems, lab notebooks) and GRO.data. GRO.data is based on the open source Dataverse tool

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