eResearch Labs

eResearch Labs are campus-wide events where we offer introductions and examples on how to use single services of the eRA or our cooperation partners. They are designed as open events. There is no registration needed – just join and learn, practice or ask your questions.

All Lab dates can be found in our News section.

You want to participate? Very welcome! All you need is your mobile device, curiosity and some time.

Previous eResearch Labs:

15/12/2020: Introducing
08/12/2020: Introduction on TEI
02/12/2020: Introducing GRO.plan
06/10/2020: Introducing
08/09/2020: Introducing
14/07/2020: Introduction to “R”
16/06/2020: Introducing
12/05/2020: Basics of Data Management
17/04/2020: Introduction to “R”
14/04/2020: Introducing
11/03/2020: Introducing and its API
11/02/2020: Working with GRO.publications
10/01/2020: Introducing
13/12/2019: Introducing
15/11/2019: Introducing

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