Data management plays a role during all stages of the research life cycle. We offer workshops and training courses to familiarize you with the requirements of research data management in the various research and project phases.

Our workshops and trainings are aimed especially at PhD students and early career researchers. They are tailored to the subject specific needs of the research groups and aim at preparing the future generation of scientists to take full responsibility for their research data. Depending on the scope and duration agreed upon in the training preparation, the trainings can include introductions on Research Data Management or Open Data and Open Access (in cooperation with the department ePub of SUB) as well as hands-on practice using specific IT-services on Göttingen Campus.

We also provide tailored trainings for students and library staff members. For this we already established cooperations with the Service Zentrum Hochschulbibliotheken and the subject librarians of the SUB. For the natural sciences, we have contributed to establishing an Information literacy menu for research groups of the Faculties of Chemistry and of Physics, which has already been successfully implemented.

We also offer an overview of available Educational Material from the Göttingen e Research Alliance and other providers.

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