Write a data policy for the Research Training Group: A data policy is a document with specifications and instructions to ensure the proper management of digital information (research data).

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  • (Preamble)
  • Definition
  • Coverage
  • Data management committee
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Documentation
  • Access to data in the database
  • Use of data collected by the project
  • Access to data by third parties
  • Delivery of data to the database and quality control
  • Data sharing
  • Authorship and copyright
  • Implementation and enforcement

Write a data management plan for the the several sub-projects: A data management plan defines rights and roles within the sub-projects regarding data management.

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  • Name administrative details of the project
  • Name data formats, data amounts, used software and methods
  • Describe where and how you will backup and store your data
  • Describe your plan for long-term archiving
  • Name how, with whom and where you will share and publish data
  • Calculate costs and resources needed for your data management
  • Define responsibilities of concrete persons in your project

You can use our template to get started.

Develop a publication strategy for results and data: A publication strategy documents your decision about how results and data will be published. E. g. publishing Open Access or not, publishing data belonging to the publication or all data of the project e. g. in a repository

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  • Define the aims of publications by the project (impact, publishing Open Access, types of publications, target groups)
  • Calculate the needed budget for publications (in general, after the end of the project, specially: Open Access)
  • Clarify recommendations and measures („targeted Journals“, licenses e. g. Creative Commons, pre-prints and secondary publications, how to deal with publisher contracts, data publication)
  • Define roles and responsibilities (quality assurance, handover workflows, policies, agreements, decision paths and workflows)
  • Services and infrastructure at Campus (University Press, Open Access fond etc.)

Organise / offer trainings:

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  • Good scientific practice
  • Research data management
  • Existing services at Göttingen Campus

The Göttingen eResearch Alliance offers trainings tailored to the needs in your Research Training Group. We are happy to talk with you about possible trainings - just contact us!