e Research expertise for the Göttingen Campus

We assist researchers in finding and using digital tools and services to address their research questions even better, and to develop new research questions. We also actively support researchers to plan and conduct research data management according to the Research Data Policy of Göttingen University (incl. UMG).

e Research = enhanced Research

Our services cover e Research aspects across the full research life cycle. They range from advice on research data management plans in the preparatory stage of research projects and on the application of digital tools and services during the actual project phase, to publication possibilities, archiving solutions and retrieval options for research data at the end of  projects. An important part of our work is building an expert network on the Göttingen Campus. A vital role in this process is taken by the Göttingen e Research Council, a Campus wide network of e Research specialists.

e Research technologies and sustainable data management will soon be a part of the everyday life of researchers and students. In order to prepare them for this challenge, we want to make general and discipline specific courses on e Research topics an integral part of the academic curriculum of Göttingen University. Some e Research related courses are already offered by Göttingen University. They can be identified by searching the UniVZ, especially the courses detailed in the Course Catalogue of the Unit Computer Science.

Excellent research needs excellent infrastructures!

The Göttingen Campus infrastructure providers, such as GWDG, SUB, and the UMG, provide innovative and sustainable e Research services and infrastructures.
We provide support to researchers by connecting them with the right services and experts by building a strong e Research network on the Göttingen Campus and by giving personal advice. We continuously develop our service portfolio to provide the best possible support to researchers during all stages of the research process.

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