Open Access to publications and research data enables (re)use and application of research results, increases impact and enables critical evaluation. Research funders and institutions world-wide acknowledge that Open Access to research findings improves the transfer of knowledge and promotes collaboration and innovation.

Therefore, the University of Göttingen as well as research funders like the European Commission and the German Research Foundation, strongly encourages researchers to provide Open Access to their publications (articles, research data etc.). The University’s Open Access Resolution states that authors shall provide Open Access to a copy of their peer-reviewed works via the University’s institutional repository GoeScholar, with immediate access if legally possible. Similarly, the University of Göttingen‘s Research Data Policy the University promotes and supports Open Access to research data. The University’s Electronic Publishing department at Göttingen State and University Libray and the eResearch Alliance collaborate in supporting researchers in realizing Open Access to their publications and research data.

Today, journals’ high subscription costs and the lack of research data management and archiving constitute a substantial barrier for international knowledge exchange and innovation. Free access to research findings improves the transfer of knowledge throughout the world.

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