The following example are metadata created according to the metadata standard by the International Virtual Observatory Alliance for a data set of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (see: Resource Metadata for the Virtual Observatory. Version 1.12, p. 19ff). The description has element groups for given purposes (such as identification, contextual, data quality etc.) and some of the elements refer to specific vocabularies.

Identity metadata
Title: Sloan Digital Sky Survey
ShortName: SDSS
Identifier: ivo://

Curation metadata
Publisher: Space Telescope Science Institute/MAST
PublisherID: ivo://
Creator: Sloan Digital Sky Survey Consortium
Contributor: Sloan Digital Sky Survey Consortium
Date: 2003-02-01
Version: SDSS EDR
Contact.Name: Archive Branch, Space Telescope Science Institute
Contact.Address: 3700 San Martin Drive, Baltimore, MD 21218 USA
Contact.Telephone: +1-410-338-4547

General content metadata
Subject: galaxies, quasars, stars, CCD photometry, spectroscopy, redshift, sky surveys
Description: The Sloan Digital Sky Survey is using a dedicated 2.5 m telescope and a large format CCD camera to obtain images of over 10,000 square degrees of high Galactic latitude sky in five broad bands (u', g', r', i' and z', centered at 3540, 4770, 6230, 7630, and 9130 Å, respectively). Medium resolution spectra will be obtained for approximately 10^6 galaxies and 100,000 quasars. The early data release (EDR), on June 2001, includes searchable catalogs of images and spectra, images for display and scientific purpose in both 2-D FITS and JPEG formats, and spectra in both 1-D FITS and GIF formats. The EDR covers about 460 square degrees of sky. The next data releases will occur every 18 months or so.
Source: 2002AJ....123..485S
Type: Survey, Catalog, EPOResource
ContentLevel: Research
Relationship: mirror-of
RelationshipID: ivo://

Collection and service content metadata
Facility: Apache Point Observatory, Sloan 2.5-m Telescope
Instrument: Five-band clocked CCD camera
Coverage.Spatial: PositionInterval FK5 145.17 –1.25 235.9 1.25 PositionInterval FK5 250.71 52.15 267.0 66.29 PositionInterval FK5 350.43 –1.25 359.99 1.17 PositionInterval 0.0 –1.25 56.37 1.17
Coverage.RegionOfRegard: 0.0001
Coverage.Spectral: Optical
Coverage.Spectral.Bandpass: u’, g’, r’, i’, z’
Coverage.Spectral.MinimumWavelength: 400.e-9
Coverage.Spectral.MaximumWavelength: 850.e-9
Coverage.Temporal.StartTime: 1999-12-25
Coverage.Temporal.StopTime: 2001-07-15
Coverage.Depth: 3.e-6
Coverage.ObjectDensity: 6.e4
Coverage.ObjectCount: 2.e7
Coverage.SkyFraction: 0.01
Resolution.Spatial: 0.00028
Resolution.Spectral: 5000
Resolution.Temporal: 120
UCD: Not Provided
Format: text/xml
Rights: Public

Data quality metadata
DataQuality: A
ResourceValidationLevel: 4 {{provided by registry curator}}
ResourceValidatedBy: ivo:/
Uncertainty.Photometric: 3.e-7
Uncertainty.Spatial: 0.00003
Uncertainty.Spectral: 1.e-11
Uncertainty.Temporal: 0.1

Service metadata
Service.HTTPResultsMIMEType: text/xml
Service.StandardID: ivo://
Service.MaxSearchRadius: 0.2
Service.MaxReturnRecords: 5000
Service.MaxReturnSize: 5.e8