The design of a data management strategy should start already in the planning phase of a project. The Göttingen eResearch Alliance actively supports researchers to plan and conduct research data management according to the Research Data Policy of Göttingen University during all phases of the research life cycle.

To get started with your own data management planning you can use our Research Data Management Plan Template. This document lists the most essential questions for a data management plan. There are other useful tools and resources on the web that can help you with planning your research data management. A selection is listed at the bottom of this page.

If you want to define or structure the data management of your starting or ongoing project, it can be helpful to write a Research Data Policy which governs the everyday exchange, storage and documentation of research data and its use for publications in a project or research group.

Further material and information:

German resources
International resources
Research Data Policy Examples
Here you can find some examples of research data policies being used at Göttingen Campus, most of them in an anonymized form.