A certified and trusted data repository is the ideal safe haven for your data and an interesting option to make your research data increase your scientific impact. Determining a suitable data repository depends on several factors, for example: Does a discipline specific repository already exist? What requirements on the data, the metadata and the repository exist on the side of the publisher, if the research data accompany a publication? Which legal restrictions need to be accounted for, e.g. copyright, data protection, embargo periods required in the project’s context?

A great resource for finding a discipline-specific data repository is the Registry of Research Data Repositories (re3data). Repositories can also be found via the data citation index (Thompson Reuters, commercial). The world's authoritative and quality-assured directory of open access repositories is OpenDOAR.

Apart from this, several repositories and services for text and data publication exist at the Göttingen Campus:

For text publication:
For data publication:
  • GFBio: German platform for biological data, with partners from Göttingen Campus
  • HDC: Humanities Data Center for research data in the humanities
  • TextGrid Repository (Humanities), with partners from Göttingen Campus
  • DARIAH-DE Repository: The DARIAH-DE repository as a digital long-term archive for human and cultural-scientific research data

Below you can find a selection of general purpose and discipline-specific repositories. If you cannot identify a suitable repository with the links provided on this page, please contact us, and we will gladly assist you in your search. Please also take a look at our page on Data Citation for information on how to make your data findable and citable in order to receive credits for sharing or publishing your data.

General and discipline-specific repositories (selection):