Safe storage and archiving of digital research data is a central concern of all researchers. To prevent data loss, the infrastructure providers at the Göttingen Campus offer services which will support you in the storing your research data both during and after your research project.

Storage, Backup & Archiving @ Göttingen Campus

  • ownCloud: Sync and share functionalities
  • CrashPlan ProE: Encrypted endpoint backup solution
  • IBM TSM/ISP: Backup service for large data amounts, ideal for any kind of servers
  • Data Archiving: For long-term storing large amounts of data while still maintaining access to the files

Repositories @ Göttingen Campus

The short- and long-term preservation of the rapidly growing amount of research data presents a challenge to both researchers and research institutions. Several national and international funding organisations have requirements or guidelines on how research data should be stored, backed up and archived.
More information on Funders' requirements.

There are numerous discipline-specific repositories and databases which provide archiving of research data. Most of them can be found at

If you want to learn more about requirements and strategies for backups and data archiving, please read our Explain! article on Backup and archiving.