Safe storage and archiving of digital research data is a central concern of all researchers. To prevent data loss, the infrastructure providers at the Göttingen Campus offer services which will support you in the storing your research data both during and after your research project. Find out in our Service Catalogue!

The short- and long-term preservation of the rapidly growing amount of research data presents a challenge to both researchers and research institutions. German scientific institutions and funding organisations are stressing the importance of safeguarding data in their published guidelines and policies on research data. The DFG, for example, requires research data to be stored at least for 10 years already since 1997 (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. 2013. „Sicherung guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis - Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice). For this purpose, the DFG supports building new or adapting existing infrastructure.

There are numerous discipline-specific repositories and databases which provide archiving of research data. Most of them can be found at In autumn 2018, an institutional general purpose data repository will be setup at Göttingen University. At Göttingen Campus you can also use backup and archiving services provided by GWDG: