Project Göttingen Research Data Exploratory (GRAcE) investigates costs and scalability of research data management


In June, the two year project Göttingen Research Data Exploratory (GRAcE), funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, took up its work. It aims to develop a planning instrument to support the campus-wide establishment and sustainable operation of research data management services. This tool will be developed using the Göttingen Campus as an example, but will also be applicable to other campuses.

Research Data Management Plans – Saving your time for doing research


The preparation of a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP) serves a number of purposes: increasing research integrity, complying with funders’ requirements and with the University’s data policy. On top of that, it supports the reasonable handling of research data, because it requires you to actively reflect and structure your data management and how it applies to your project right from the start. And while it may seem as if a RDMP creates extra workload it can help you to save time and nerves in time-critical situations during the projects runtime.

Open Science Meet-up & HackyHour Göttingen


You believe that publications, data and materials should be open to all? You would like to promote collaboration and a multidisciplinary discussion in research? In short, research should be more transparent and open? Then come along and be part of the Open Science Network Göttingen, a group of researchers and librarians who is fond of sharing ideas and knowledge with others. The network unites people interested in Open Science topics at the Göttingen Campus and is open to everyone.